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Wound Ballistics

Information resources to learn about personal defense ammunition terminal performance, wounding effects and wounding effectiveness

TacticalBriefs, April 2006

TacticalBriefs, August 2002

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TacticalBriefs (Volume 2 Number 9), September/October 1999

TacticalBriefs (Volume 2, Number 8), August 1999

TacticalBriefs (Volume 2, Number 7), July 1999

TacticalBriefs (Volume 2, Number 6), June 1999

TacticalBriefs (Volume 2, Number 5), May 1999

TacticalBriefs (Volume 2, Number 4), April 1999

TacticalBriefs (Volume 2, Number 3), March 1999

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TacticalBriefs (Volume 2, Number 1), January 1999

TacticalBriefs #12, December 1998

TacticalBriefs # 11, November 1998

TacticalBriefs # 10, October 1998

TacticalBriefs # 9, September 1998

TacticalBriefs # 8, August 1998

TacticalBriefs # 7, July 1998

TacticalBriefs # 6, 1 May 1998

TacticalBriefs # 5, 15 April 1998

TacticalBriefs # 4, 1 April 1998

TacticalBriefs # 3, 15 March 1998

TacticalBriefs # 2, 1 March 1998

TacticalBriefs # 1, 15 February 1998

Personal Defense Ammunition Performance Data

A listing of ammunition performance data (bullet velocity, penetration and expansion) for most personal defense cartridges. Includes data from the FBI Ammunition Tests, ammunition manufacturers and independent tests

IWBA Handgun Ammunition Specification Package

State-of-the-art specification for testing and selecting law enforcement and personal defense handgun ammunition developed by the International Wound Ballistics Association

Book Review: Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study

A critical review of the first Marshall-Sanow book reprinted with permission from the Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiner's Journal

FBI Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness

The evidence and rationale behind the FBI's terminal ballistic performance criteria.

International Wound Ballistics Association Journal Wound Ballistics Review

A complete index of all the articles published in the Wound Ballistics Review

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