Detailed Background for Shawn Dodson

Law Enforcement

Reserve Police Officer (1984-1986, 1993-1997)
Bremerton Police Department, Bremerton, Washington

Sworn law enforcement officer serving a community of approximately 35,000 citizens. Over six years of armed police patrol experience as a specially commissioned Washington peace officer with full powers of arrest. Performed single officer patrol, responded to citizen calls for routine/emergency police services, enforced motor vehicle laws, and provided backup and prisoner transport assistance to full-time officers. Performed K9 unit training and patrol. Awarded four Letters of Commendation for outstanding performance and service to the community. Qualified quarterly with handgun, shotgun and carbine.

Other Law Enforcement Related Activities


M1 Abrams Tank Commander (1994-1997)
Company D, 1/303 Armor Regiment, Washington Army National Guard, Bremerton, Washington

Acting platoon sergeant and commander of a four man M1 Abrams main battle tank crew. Acquired hands-on practical experience with M9 handgun, M16A2 rifle, M240 coax machine gun, M2 .50 caliber machine gun, M68 105mm cannon and M256 120mm smoothbore cannon.

Infantry Rifleman/Grenadier (1986-1988)
Company A, 1/115 Light Infantry Regiment, Maryland Army National Guard, Frederick, Maryland

Developed combat arms leadership and training skills as an infantry squad leader. Acquired hands-on practical experience with M16A1 rifle, M203 40mm grenade launcher, M60 machine gun, M224 60mm lightweight mortar, M72 LAW rocket, M47 Dragon anti-tank missile, M18A1 claymore anti-personnel mine and C4 plastic explosive.

Fleet Ballistic Missile Technician (1983-1986)
Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific, Naval Submarine Base Bangor, United States Navy, Silverdale, Washington

Vertical Missile Packaging Building processing supervisor: oversaw all aspects of final assembly, testing, repair and packaging of Trident I (C4) missiles.

Fleet Ballistic Missile Technician (1981-1983)
USS George Bancroft SSBN 643 (Gold), United States Navy, Charleston, South Carolina

Launch operations station supervisor aboard a fleet ballistic missile submarine: directly responsible for the safety, security and launch readiness of up to 16 Trident I (C4) missiles and associated weapon system support equipment. Collateral duties included assignment as an armed nuclear weapon security guard, and as an armed member of the ship's nuclear weapon security alert team. Acquired hands-on practical experience with M14 rifle, M1911A1 handgun and 12 gauge shotgun.

Fleet Ballistic Missile Technician (1979-1980)
USS Hunley As-31, United States Navy, Apra Harbor, Guam

Performed intermediate-level maintenance and testing of Polaris (A3) missiles and missile avionics hardware aboard a fleet ballistic missile submarine tender. Collateral duties included serving as a member of the ship's nuclear weapons security back-up alert force. Acquired hands-on practical experience with M1911A1 handgun, M14 rifle, 12 gauge shotgun and 20mm cannon.

Civilian Employment

Systems Engineer - Field Technical Support, Senior (1990-present)
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Trident II (D5) Missile Subsystem Post Production Center of Excellence (PPCE), Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

Provide tactical systems engineering and technical support to deployed U.S. Navy Ohio class Trident ballistic missile submarines.

  • Lead engineer, Shipyard Support Group, D5 PPCE
  • Lead engineer, USS Alabama SSBN 731 Engineered Refueling Overhaul/D5 Backfit Project
  • Lead engineer, USS Nevada SSBN 733 Engineered Overhaul/D5 Backfit Project
  • Lead engineer, Trident Training Facility Bangor D5 Installation Project
  • Consultant to Commander, Submarine Squadron Seventeen
  • Lead engineer, USS Florida SSBN 728 Engineered Overhaul Project
  • Test director, USS Ohio SSBN 726/USS Michigan SSBN 727 Engineered Overhaul Projects
  • Substantial monetary award for superior performance on USS Alaska SSBN 732 Engineered Overhaul/D5 Backfit Project
  • Superior Performance Award for implementation of D5 Backfit Program at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
  • Substantial monetary award for "wringing-out" D5 missile test and readiness equipment fault detection and locating system software
  • Additional awards and recognition for contributing to fleet battle readiness

Publications Engineer (1989-1990)
Lockheed Missiles & Space Company, Sunnyvale, California

Researched, developed and maintained standard operating procedure technical manuals used by ship's force to control, maintain and operate missile subsystem hardware, in tactical, non-tactical and test modes, aboard U.S. Navy Ohio class Trident I and Trident II ballistic missile submarines.

Senior Technical Editor/Writer (1986-1989)
Vitro Corporation, Rockville, Maryland

Researched, developed and maintained system-level fault isolation procedure technical manuals used by ship's force to troubleshoot strategic weapon system hardware aboard U.S. Navy Ohio class Trident I and Trident II ballistic missile submarines.

Published Articles

  • "With a Bullet." Police, 18(6). 6/1994; pp. 56-60
  • "Sighting-in on Visual Acuity." Law and Order, 41(6), 6/1993; pp. 54-58

Continuing Personal Defense Education and Training

Additional Background

  • Technical consultant, corporate video "Anti-Terrorism: Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific," produced by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company for United States Navy (2003)
  • Technical consultant - firearms and wound ballistics, "Guns Save Lives: True Stories of Americans Defending Their Lives with Firearms", by Robert A. Waters (2002)
  • Appeared in corporate video "Deadly Force & Rules of Engagement," produced by Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space for Marine Corps Security Force Company, Naval Submarine Base Bangor (1998)
  • Associate instructor/range coach, NRA Home Firearms Safety and Personal Protection Course, Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club, Bremerton, Washington
  • National Rifle Association Hunter Safety Course/Hunter Safety Training Program Certificate of Competence, California Department of Fish and Game (1975)

Interviewed / featured / quoted by the following News Media:

  • KHHO radio AM 850, Tacoma, Washington
  • KGMI radio AM 790, Bellingham, Washington
  • KOMO television channel 4 news, Seattle, Washington
  • Los Angeles Times newspaper, Los Angeles, California
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper, Seattle, Washington
  • Tacoma News-Tribune newspaper, Tacoma, Washington
  • The Sun newspaper, Bremerton, Washington
  • The Associated Press

Childhood Background Narrative

Shawn has been involved with firearms for over 40 years (since 1968). He was 7 years old when his father, Dewey, a Marine non-commissioned officer (now retired), introduced him to handgun shooting at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. Shawn's father had previously served as a drill instructor, and this experience was useful in teaching Shawn the basics of firearms safety and marksmanship.

When Shawn's father returned from Vietnam in 1970, and was subsequently stationed at MCB Camp Pendleton, the family moved to Oceanside, California.

In 1971, Shawn asked, and received permission from Oceanside Unified School District officials, to take a fully functioning 7.62x39mm Chinese Type-56 SKS carbine to school for show-and-tell. The SKS was a war trophy recovered from the Vietnam battlefield where his father earned his Purple Heart. Shawn hand-carried the SKS to/from San Luis Rey Elementary School by himself, and stored it in the coat closet of his fourth grade classroom. During his show-and-tell presentation he read aloud a short description about the rifle that his father had written for him, and he deployed the spike bayonet for his classmates to see.

A year or so later, Shawn got his first rifle, a Savage .22 rimfire single-shot, as a Christmas gift from Santa. He and his father frequently went target shooting at the Oceanside Police Department outdoor shooting range. After Shawn earned his NRA Hunter's Safety certificate, he and his father enjoyed hunting small game together.

Shawn was fortunate to grow-up in an area with lots of open space where he could shoot his slingshots and BB guns without getting into too much trouble. He frequently hunted bullfrogs and fished for crawdads with his buddies along the San Luis Rey river. He instigated and participated in many rock and dirt-clod battles with other kids in the neighborhood.

In 1976, his family moved to Show Low, Arizona where there was even more open space to shoot, hunt and fish. In 1978, Shawn enlisted in the United States Navy.

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