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Efficient, combative use of handgun, rifle, shotgun to stop deadly criminal violence.

"The fight will not be the way you want it to be.  The fight will be the way it is.  YOU must be flexible enough to adapt." -- Unknown

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Attention Members of the News Media

If you need technical information assistance about firearms and ammunition to report to your news audience, please click here to contact us via e-mail or telephone (321) 446-9449.

We’re prepared to assist you by providing valid and verifiable facts and information about firearms and ammunition. We have no hidden political agenda. We’ll assist you with any firearms related story or project, even if it’s a pro-gun control editorial. Our intent is to help you report accurate information. If we’re unable to answer your questions, we’ll refer to you others who can.

We’ve already provided technical information assistance to television news, major newspapers and news radio. Topics we can help you with include, but are not limited to, law enforcement shootings, criminal misuse of firearms & ammunition, assault weapons, body armor & armor-piercing handgun ammunition, military small arms, and the wounding effects of handgun & rifle bullets.

In addition, we have laboratory grade capabilities to examine the terminal ballistics performance of most handgun and rifle bullets, as well as body armor. These services are available to your news organization upon request.

Four Rules of Gun Safety

  1. Always regard and handle any firearm as though it is loaded, at all times.

  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you have made the decision to shoot.

  3. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.

  4. Always be sure of your target and what is beyond.

Five Rules for CONCEALED Carry

  1. Your concealed handgun is for protection of life only.

Draw it solely in preparation to save a life from the wrongful and life-threatening criminal actions of another.

  1. Know exactly when you can use your gun.

A criminal adversary must have, or reasonably appear to have:

  1. ability to inflict serious bodily injury (he is armed or reasonably appears to be armed with a deadly weapon; you face multiple unarmed attackers; an unarmed attacker has an obvious, substantial advantage in physical ability and/or skill),

  2. opportunity to inflict serious bodily harm (he is physically positioned to immediately harm you), and

  3. intent (hostile actions and/or words) that indicates he means to do you serious or fatal physical harm.

When all three of these "attack potential" elements are in place simultaneously, then you are facing a reasonably perceived deadly threat that may justify an emergency deadly force response.

  1. If you can run away -- RUN!

Just because you’re armed doesn’t necessarily mean you must confront a bad guy at gunpoint. Develop your situation awareness skills so you can be alert to detect and avoid trouble altogether. Keep in mind that if you successfully evade a potential confrontation, the single negative consequence involved might be your bruised ego, which should heal with mature rationalization. But if you force a confrontation you risk the possibility of you or a family member being killed or suffering lifelong crippling/disfiguring physical injury, criminal liability and/or financial ruin from civil lawsuit. Flee if you can, fight only as a last resort.

  1. Display your gun, go to jail.

You should expect to be arrested by police at gunpoint, and be charged with a crime anytime your concealed handgun is seen by another citizen in public, regardless of how unintentional or innocent or justified the situation might seem. Choose a method of carry that keeps your gun reliably hidden from public view at all times.

You have no control over how a stranger will react to seeing (or learning about) your concealed handgun. He or she might become alarmed and report you to police as a "man or woman with a gun." Depending on his or her feelings about firearms, this person might be willing to maliciously embellish his or her story in attempt to have your gun seized by police or to get you arrested. An alarmed citizen who reports a "man with a gun" is going to be more credible to police than you when you're stopped because you match the suspect's description, and you're found to have a concealed handgun in your possession.

Before you deliberately expose your gun in public, ask yourself: "Is this worth going to jail for?" The only time this question should warrant a "yes" response is when an adversary has at least, both ability and intent, and is actively seeking the opportunity to do you great harm.

  1. Don't let your emotions get the best of you.

If, despite your best efforts to the contrary, you do get into some kind of heated dispute with another person while you’re armed, never mention, imply or exhibit your gun for the purpose of intimidation or one-upmanship. You’ll simply make a bad situation worse -- for yourself (see rule #4).

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